The Religion Rebuff in America

Chicago, United States –  Right around the 20th century religion was about strong and sustainable. Many Americans exclaimed themselves as “Christians”. Even before the 1900’s era to those in the 1700’s have allegedly brought Christianity to the country to practice with free will. Now modern America have changed that. People seem to reject Christians or Christianity or even a religion of any case.

Not to far back but in southern states about 60% of the civilians were baptists. Even those that weren’t as close to the christian religion still attempted to find out who God is and what is the real definition to it. According to Pew Research Center the number of U.S adults that were unaffiliated to any religion went from 16% to 23% under a over 7 year period.

Jewish people also has a sink in their statistics. There are Americans who claim themselves as Jews but don’t necessarily follow their ministries. That act would be called “cultural Jews”. About 47% claims to be religious Jews while 53% are “cultural Jews”.

As months and years pass people continue to rebuff religions affairs. As time continues this number keeps increasing and the religious leaders need to take a stand or the country might refrain as “The Broken States of America”.

By Documented Press (Jayson D.)

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