Batching your Tasks brings Fruitful results

Man I feel like I procrastinate a lot.

Everyone around says “Jayson, you work to much you way head of the game”. Uhm, actually no I’m not.

I have high standards that I need to reach and sometimes I feel like I only reach the bare minimum.

This week I just started a business course at Truman College and like always in college teachers usually jump in to the topic right away. Thanks to the books I read, the research I did, and articles from Medium that led me have a good understanding of what’s going in business.

With this storm on top of me that gives me the feeling of procrastinating I had to align myself with the “over-lapping task” method.

I came to an understanding a little better after reading an article “Top 10 productivity for insane success” from Dan Silvestre.

Musk multi-tasks strategically. Whenever possible, he combines several tasks together in a productivity hack known as batching. For example, he answers emails while eating or having a meeting over lunch.

Here’s a quote from Elon on the subject:

“But what I find is I’m able to be with [my kids] and still be on email. I can be with them and still be working at the same time… If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get my job done.”

Another example is going through emails and invoices while on phone meeting or interviews.

Apply This Productivity Secret

Studies have confirmed that multi-tasking is normally less efficient than single-tasking. The brain needs time to adjust when navigating different tasks, also known as task switching. Switching makes you tired and unproductive, not the tasks themselves.

But if you batch similar tasks that call for similar mindsets you can efficiently work on multiple tasks without losing your workflow. In other words, your brain is focused on one type of task at a time.

Here are a couple of examples:

Outlining all your blog posts for the upcoming week in one sitting

Processing all emails, Slack, phone calls, and other communications at once

Updating several related worksheets at the same time

To find more activities you can stack, write down all you general activities for the day and week and identify the ones that can be batched together. Try the batch a couple of times and rearrange tasks if necessary.

~ Read Section Credit: Dan Silvestre

Things that should now be done differently:

  • Multi-task with topics that are related (e.g color pencils, markers and crayons are all to be focused while phones,laptops and tablets are to be worried together at a different time

The past couple days I been batching my work. I would work on my homework from economics class while I am working on my business model for ShareMe or reading a book about design thinking.

I remember when I was about to write an article titled “ I wonder sometimes and ask myself why I have a C in English class but Medium love my articles”.

This is what I have said:

I wonder sometimes and ask myself why I have a C in English class if my teacher said she “likes my writing outside the school”. Till this day im still questioning myself. 77%…. I know I don’t deserve that.

But, the one thing that prevents me from stopping to write is Medium’s platform. With Medium I have a engaging community which care to take the time to read my articles and help surface my articles for others to read.

Now what are you doing wrong at school?

Hmm! That’s a good question. There are few things that might lead me to plunge to 77%.

The fact a student needs to give “the best effort” on a writing piece that they are assigned to (in most cases the students aren’t interested on

~ Draft from January 10,2018

The problem was because I never multi-tasked with related things.

I used to study human anatomy while also studying entrepreneurship and clearly I would fail in one.

And here we go!

So you see what I mean. It’s tested so don’t do it.

Some of my grades in certain points throughout the semester weren’t good just because of mixing things up.

This applies in any setting in life. Doing so many things can confuse you so plan things accordingly and batch your tasks for fruitful results.

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