The Paradox of Expanding your Knowledge

Need a lift?

My life as an entrepreneur opened many doors to me in a way sometimes I can’t explain.

There are times I don’t even know what to choose and always feel like i’ll end up making the wrong decision.

Lots may have heard from others phrases like “when one domino falls it will knock the rest down” or “you make one mistake and everything is messed”. I used to be afraid of making mistake too but think of this:

If a kid stumbled and fell because of a pebble on the road those that mean the kid can’t walk again?

Right! That should give you a different view of things but, if you still don’t agree with me feel free to drop a comment.

Before I get into my paradox of being successful and expanding your knowledge I’d like you to take note of the following books that will help you buckle down the fundamentals of startups, business theories, visionaries, life and success.

  1. The Rebel Entrepreneur by: James Moules

As a result of the uncertain corporate job market, entrepreneurship is flourishing. Advice for start-ups is everywhere, in books, websites, newspapers and magazines and it constitutes a body of received wisdom. Journalist Jonathan Moules, who has devoted six years to interviewing and reporting on successful entrepreneurs, turns some of this advice on its head. His is a model of “rebel entrepreneurship” that defies conventional views about how new entrepreneurs should behave in order to make their businesses successful.

Some of Moules’ alternative opinions will startle: He challenges the need for bank loans to start and grow a business, the need for a business plan, and offers the contrarian view of increasing prices in tough times.

His case studies address not only how entrepreneurs can succeed but also how they might fail or fail to achieve full potential and include centuries old companies as well as young stars of the internet age such as Twitter, Gilt Groupe, Criteo, celebrity entrepreneurs James Dyson, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs and companies big and small.

Moules’ point is to take alternative opinions on some of the main area of concern in a business. His aim is to show that not following the crowd can be a better way of managing a business and make it grow bigger and faster.

(Excerpt credits Google books)

2. Zero to One by: Peter Theil

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future is a 2014 book by venture capitalist, PayPal co-founder, and early Facebook investor Peter Thiel along with Blake Masters.

(Excerpt credits Wikipedia)

3. Change By Design by: Tim Brown

In Change by Design, Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, the celebrated innovation and design firm, shows how the techniques and strategies of design belong at every level of business. Change by Design is not a book by designers for designers; this is a book for creative leaders who seek to infuse design thinking into every level of an organization, product, or service to drive new alternatives for business and society.

(Excerpt credits: Google Books)

Trust me those books will be a great help!

As I started to take my entrepreneurship understanding to another level I had to pivot the way I lived.

There were certain factors that just couldn’t stay in my life because it either distracted me or led to procrastinate and derail from my goal.

  • Going out with friends
  • Social Media
  • Watching other people’s successions then making my own
  • Long term goals without short term goals.
  • Receiving advice everywhere and not planning things out.

This pivot have been put on work from October 2017 and now I have done so much and learned so much. Here are some my successions below:

  • Got to find out Medium and expand my audience platform
  • More people got to find out my organization Documented Press
  • Started App developement (Android)
  • Learned XML, Now currently a intermediate Java coder
  • Made a new site for ShareMe
  • Created a network of friends that pushed me forth
  • Load of values for business and entrepreneurship
  • And the list just goes on and on…

Many achievements I recieved recently were because I had a different mentality and ways of viewing things. I wasn’t that person who went behind just my parents decision or just copied my friends choice just because we amigos.

I started to stand for what I believe in and with backed up evidence or strong opinions. There are a couple key points about personal mentality that helped me:

  • Don’t think you the smartest
  • Don’t think you the best
  • and NEVER EVER think that isolating yourself will lead you advance forward. (*It might have worked for those people from the previous generation like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and etc but it is harder right now because the market is clustered and saturated so as a new person in the market (mhm amateur) you should feel closterfobic and find someone to learn or work with.

I, always loved trying to be the smartest or think that I’m the best but I came to realize this one important thing:

If I am supposedly the smartest but so cocky I would be hated by people and my businesses might not run smooth because consumers is what make the business and I also understood that even if I’m smart I might not be the smartest out there.

Which me leads to networking!

[Below is an excerpt of an incomplete article about my life about NOT-networking]

Network from the beginning or ASAP

I’m writing today about this topic because I haven’t got as much feed as I used to get before.

I’m still in the phase of choosing which Medium publication I should document my articles to and it’s also something that is affecting me.

As I sat down in front of my computer looking at my stats every 10 minutes I felt like part of the reason why my articles aren’t gaining feed was because I haven’t networked with new writers from the start.

I was always that one writer trying to fit in with the big boys before interacting with new writers on the platform like Jesse Kerema.

I kind of regret this because networking helps you get an idea of another person view of success or how to do things and yet I was busy with my ego and not worrying about what others got to say.

~ January 13, 2018

When I joined Medium thanks to it’s platform’s algorithm I got to see people that joined about around the same time I did.

But! I didn’t think that networking with people would be that important. When I was introduced to Medium I just worried about getting in and documenting my experiences as I journey through my way to completing ShareMe.

Little did I know if I understood the power of networking I would have learned a lot more, made less mistakes and feel better then just always redeeming myself.

I remember when I used to first write my articles in this format:

I came to realize that the way I wrote and the format of my writing had to change even if my article have been applauded 600+ times.

It came to my curiousity to figure out a way to get more people to read and like my articles.

After reading and reading articles I started to understand how to better myself in writing then also in entrepreneurship and running a business but this all could’ve been solved just by networking.

Networking is faster, feasible and something that lead to high level results.

Now even when I started to realize networking is important and powerful it became a little late expect higher success rates because I was all on my own. Which lead me to sin.


I wanted to be like others.

I wanted to be with the big boys as I always tried to stick my head in even tho I knew I didn’t belong there.

I wanted my Medium articles to expand in followers and view and I was also so worried if my readers are also transferring to my business site and other provided landing pages.

In some ways I feel that because of being envy my story qualities plunged.

Which lead to this:

My Statistics for Medium

I came to an understanding that views and followers don’t matter and I should be sticking with my goal. I came here to share my experiences then in the future write a book about it.

Matt L.F Smith even told me its a matter of being successful. First you start out bad then you go up and down for awhile then all the sudden without you expecting it you’ll just hit outstanding standard no matter what you doing.

Success comes in many ways but, only comes when you set your life in a workable standard. There are so much more out there that can affect you but you just need to fight through to the end.

Whatever you have started you have to finish.

Besides, a pilot does make the plane takeoff and give the control to someone else and have them land it.

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More about the Author:

I’m 16 years old | an Android developer | CEO of Documented Press | Content Marketer

Originally published by me on Medium & this is Documented Press content

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